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English for Teenagers

Course information

Level: from Elementary to Advanced
Age: 14-17
Course duration for each level: 120 academic hours.
The lesson is 2 or 3 times per week. Each lesson session lasts for 90 minutes (45 min.+45 min. with a 10 minute break ).

Day and times
Extensive courses - 2 times per week.  

Intensive courses - 3 times per week. Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

"Open lessons": the parents attend specially organized "open lesson", observe and discuss afterwards their children's progress with teachers.

Homework: we encourage doing interesting homework by learners as the way to be fully involved in language learning and use.

Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching method: we use widely recognized Communicative Approach which focuses on the communication as a key factor in language learning.

Classes: the classes are equipped with relevant audio-visual and printed materials. The environment is interesting and motivating for students.

Materials: our students are able to use diverse printed and learning materials, textbooks, songs, CDs. We are proud of our online learning system, which will be soon accessible for all our students.

Focus: we pay equal attention to all 4 language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. However, in teenagers' case, speaking and listening skills are of particular interest to us.

Course Pass/Fail: the maximum grade is 100, the minimum one - 51. Students are assessed weekly. Once a semester they have a midterm exam. In the end of the course there is an exam. The students and parents are fully informed about the current, midterm and final assessment of the learners.

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