English 16+

Improve your life through high quality general English courses.


The course

The course helps students to improve their language skills  and get acquainted with Britain.



The ways


Our teaching philosophy is based on the Communicative approach which is  a highly approved method in the language teaching field.

The guides


Teachers: We have the highly qualified teachers with various teaching (Cambridge, Oxford and TESOL) qualifications.

The coursebook: English File Third Edition.



NGeorgian-German Academy Hours (CEF)TOEFL IBTIELTS
7  Advanced120 C175-89  6.0-6.5
6  Pre-Advanced 120 B260-75  5.5.-6.0
5  Upper Intermediate120 B2 45-59 5.0-5.5
4  Intermediate 120 B1 35-44 4.0-5.0
3  Pre-Intermediate 120 A2  
2  Elementary 120 A2  
1 Beginner60 A1  

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