About us


Georgian-German Academy

Georgian-German Academy is the German and English language school located in Tbilisi.  The Academy was founded as a recognition of the necessity of result-oriented teaching approach. The founders who have immense experience have seen that it was unavoidable to support shifting from widespread process-oriented language teaching to outcome-oriented education. 




  • Offering a result-oriented and exciting learning environment to the language learners.
  • We are providing just and development-oriented workplace for the personnel. 


Our Values


  • Quality Our Teaching is based on the international standards of language teaching, creating result-oriented, highly structured and exciting learning process. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced university lecturers who have achieved impressive results with many students for years. The Academy’s teaching philosophy is based on recognized communicative teaching approach. In the end, a learner has reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as cultural adaptation skills. 
  • Culture – We teach not only the German and English languages but make our students aware of German/Austrian and British/American cultures.
  • Communication – Our learning environment supports the development of students’ language and intercultural communication skills. 
  • Openness – The teachers of the Academy are always open for new teaching ideas and experience. Teaching is a way for us to help our learners to get more accessible for new ideas, cultural knowledge and people. 
  • Honesty – Is the primary principle of our work. In business and academic relationships, we are asking the same from our teachers, students and partners. 

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