ESL Virtual Tour in London

Virtual Tour in London in English for ESL Learners



This lesson is for ESL learners who have B1/B1+/B2 levels. It includes two tasks.

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First task 

This task will help English language learners to improve the following skills:

a) Note-taking.

b) Comprehending the visual image and verbally transferring it.

c) Listening skills. 


First task instructions for ESL learners regarding the video task:

  1. Start the video and listen to the video presenter in English.
  2. At the same time, you can turn on the subtitles (CC on YouTube video) and watch the video this way.
  3. You can pause the video occasionally and, via mouse/touchscreen, move the screen 360 degrees (to the left/right or around).
  4. You can pause, move the camera around, note down main spots and describe them (mainly use nouns and adjectives).
  5. You can pause, move the camera around and describe what the people are doing in the primary areas (primarily, use nouns and verbs in proper tenses).
  6. If the camera moves slowly, you can move it without pausing. 
  7. When you finish watching the video, you can talk about the places and people according to the already taken notes.




Second task.

Please, do the test.


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