Learn English through B1 level videos

Learn English through B1 level videos. After watching the videos, answer the questions.


                             University Life


  1. When do school students apply for most of the university courses?
  2. Mostly, how long are the courses?
  3. Where are the new universities built?
  4. What is a Learning Grid?


                           William Shakespeare


  1. Why is Shakespeare famous?
  2. What are Shakespeare’s poems about?
  3. What did Shakespeare’s father do?
  4. When was the original Globe Theatre built?


                            Arthur Conan Doyle


  1. When was Arthur Conan Doyle born?
  2. Where did Arthur Conan Doyle study?
  3. Where did Sherlock Holmes live?
  4. Which film adaptations are there on Sherlock Holmes ?

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