FREE English with Trainee Teachers course + 50% discount on accommodation at Twenty9 Hotel from 20th January to 14th February 2020.

LAL Torbay is a great school in the south west of England and 4.5-hour by bus from London. It is a famous seaside destination with beautiful beaches, coastline and lots of cafes, restaurants and shops. The school occupies the whole building and has 32 well-equipped classrooms, reception, lounge area for students, computer class, café with cold and hot food, and a beautiful garden with terrace, where our students like to spend their breaks between lessons. Free wifi is available throughout the school. Students could stay on our residence  Twenty9 Hotel or in nearby host families.

English with Trainee Teachers –  our unique course, where part of the course (10 lessons) is taught by our standard teachers, and part of the course (10 lessons) is taught by our trainee teachers who study at the CELTA course with us.

Recommended duration of these course is 2 or 4 weeks.


The student’s timetable will depend on the CELTA student’s schedule and and there may be a 1.5 hour gap between lessons.


Here is price calculation:

LAL Torbay

20.01.2020 – 14.02.2020

English with Trainee Teachers

NET 0 GBP / GROSS 45 GBP per week

Registration fee

70 GBP

Host Home, single room, shared bath, breakfast only

110 GBP per week

Host Home, single room, shared bath, breakfast and dinner

145 GBP per week

Twenty9 Hotel, single room, en-suite, breakfast only

190 – 50% discount = 95 GBP per week

Twenty9 Hotel, shared room, en-suite, breakfast only

170 – 50%  = 85 GBP per week

Accommodation Placement fee

35 GBP

One book

30 GBP

Arrival Transfer – LHR only

75 GBP

Departure Transfer – LHR only

50 GBP


10 GBP per week

Please note, availability in Twenty9 residence on request only and subject of availability

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