Telling the Time


What Time Is It?

-Excuse me. What time is it?

– It’s seven o’clock.

-Oh, hurry up. We are late. 

-Sure, what time does the party start?

– At eight o’clock. 

-OK. The car is outside. Let’s go.


It’s five past seven.             7.05

It’s ten past seven.              7.10

It’s quarter past seven.        7.15

It’s twenty past seven.         7.05

It’s twenty-five past seven.  7.25

It’s half  past seven.            7.30

It twenty five to eight.         7.35

It twenty to eight.                7.40

It quarter to eight.               7.45

It ten to eight.                      7.50

It five to eight.                     7.55

It’s eight o’clock.                  8.00